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Allscripts Practice Management

Create a high performance organization that provides excellent care and lower overhead with the highest possible viability. With Allscripts PM, you'll gain a solution from a market leader that produces more effective and efficient workflows and sends dollars straight to the bottom line.

Boost efficiency

  1. Allow staff to customize to preferences
  2. Improve communication
  3. Reduce training time with an easy-to-use solution
  4. Monitor patient accounts and patient information
  5. Enable efficient work management
  6. Reduce downtime with maximized scheduling

Improve cash flow

  1. Manage & reduce outstanding A/R
  2. Reduce claims submission errors
  3. Increase collections at time of visit
  4. Reduce late, no-show, missed & cancelled appointments
  5. Access information to improve efficiency & increase revenue
  6. Monitor practice performance

Total solution

  1. Seamless integration with Allscripts EHR to optimize clinical and administrative workflows, capture more revenue and enhance patient care
  2. Tightly integrated, complete medical solutions that optimizes clinical and administrative workflows, captures more revenue and enhances patient care
  3. Any part of our PM functionality can be integrated into our EHR allowing for single sign-on, content sharing and data integrity.
  4. Meet ARRA certification requirements with our integrated PM / EHR

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