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PowerServer PACS

Technology Working For You.
The PowerServer PACS family of products are complete web-based solutions for ambulatory and acute care facilities. Designed to suit radiology facilities of all sizes and varying needs, the full-featured PowerServer PACS, Teleradiology PACS, Lite PACS and XU PACS will offer your practice a solution that is a perfect fit.
With proven architecture and productivity accelerating technologies, PowerServer PACS provides an unbeatable value. It utilizes RamSoft's proprietary bandwidth load distribution and push technology. It also incorporates the latest security, imaging and network technologies ensuring your facility will remain compliant with all regulations and your information will be safe and confidential at all times.

Unique to PowerServer PACS
Unlimited Freedom
The licensing model behind PowerServer enables you to install workstations on multiple machines and allows for an unlimited number of users. This frees your facility from the cost of buying user licenses as you grow; allowing you more time to concentrate on your patients.

Safe and Redundant
Unlike other healthcare IT vendors, we believe that a redundant system is a necessity, not an option. That's why we provide our customers with redundant PowerServer PACS server software at no extra charge. Redundancy is the only way to ensure that your facility stays running at optimal efficiency.

100% web-based
As with all our software, PowerServer is 100% web-based and accessible from anywhere in the world. Because it utilizes RamSoft’s proprietary bandwidth load distribution and study push technology, reading can be done without delay.

Customizable Worklist
Imagine if browsing through your patient studies was as easy as looking through emails. That was the core design principle behind our PowerWorklist™, and is why most routine tasks can be completed from one simple screen.

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