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Highly specialized Professional Service programs and Application Services have been crafted to meet the demanding needs of healthcare providers.

Archive Services
Storage requirements are more difficult than ever to manage with the advent of multi-slice CT, CR/DR, and Digital Mammography. Cardiology storage ratchets the requirements up even higher. Even if you have already been investing in on-site storage systems we can help you break the buy & fill storage blues. We can reconfigure your existing systems and migrate your data as necessary to create a DICOM Archive that is universally connectable to whatever PACS you have now or in the future.

Application Services
Instead of purchasing life sciences and healthcare information application software and hardware you can pay for the software as you use it and host it at state-of-the-art data centers which provide the appropriate hardware, internet connection, network security, power and air conditioning.

Professional Services
We design, implement and maintain your life sciences and healthcare information technology through its’ life cycle.

Data Migration
Replacing obsolete legacy systems will require data migration from the old into the new. This complicated project is automated with specialized systems and disciplined processes to ensure accurate and complete transfer of information.

Partner Services
We augment are partners our inherent strength by providing adjunct professional services and components to fill technological resource gaps.

Maintenance Agreements
Our tiered maintenance programs allow you to select the coverage that best meets your needs.

Disaster Recovery
Your data is too important not to safe guard. Our disaster recovery services starts with the protection of data prior to an adverse event. In the event of a catastrophic failure the mechanisms we already in place systematically restore systems.

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RamSoft PACS
Archive Services
Professional Services