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InDex® Recovery

InDex® Recovery is designed for business continuance and disaster recovery at facilities with an existing functional onsite archive. InDex Recovery is a secondary archive utilized for image retrieval during a "declared event," including PACS upgrades and disasters. The transparent solution operates as a backup to a client's onsite archive. Your medical images are stored permanently on optical media in nearline mode at InSiteOne's secondary (i.e., disaster recovery) data center. The data is accessible via the Internet to any authorized hospital personnel for viewing, and can be retrieved in seconds during a "declared event" at no additional cost.

In the event that a client chooses to implement a PACS or change platforms for diagnostic image viewing, the local archive may require a migration of the data to the new platform. With InDex Recovery, clients have an alternative to a migrationless transition - using their disaster recovery archive transitioned to an online mode for onsite storage and integration with the new platform. This seamless integration minimizes the time to transition for the new solution.

Key Benefits
. Fast Return to Operation (RTO) with rapid restoration of critical image data
. Your onsite image archive is replicated on optical media in InSiteOne's data recovery center for restoration in the event of a declared event, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
. Reduced data migration requirements in the event of a PACS installation or platform change
. Storing all your images in a DICOM archive provides you with the ability to change imaging and PACS platforms without interrupting access to prior clinical data
. Ensured compliance with HIPAA requirements
. Offsite storage of clinical imaging data protects you against data loss from natural and other disasters
. Continuous monitoring to ensure the quality and accessibility of your data
. TruImageT from InSiteOne assures continuous checking of archived data against a secure key to verify that what was stored is still accessible
. Optical data and continuous verification eliminates risk of tampering and loss of original study.

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Recovery Plus

Should disaster strike, InSiteOne offers online access to recover your mission-critical data and professional services to help you resume clinical operations - quickly and securely. Recovery Plus is an automated solution for protecting your clinical transaction data; it has the flexibility to handle all recovery situations by enabling point-in-time recoveries and elimination of the manual tasks associated with alternate methodologies.

Many disaster recovery solutions concentrate on consolidating storage, but Recovery Plus also takes into account the performance provided by data direct-attached-storage (DAS) storage devices, especially in remote and/or satellite offices. Many traditional DAS environments require backup and replication agents on each server. (Remote mirroring is a cumbersome process for satellite offices, and shrinking backup windows frequently dictate the maintenance of a tape library on every remote server for local backup.) Recovery Plus enables the painless creation of multiple copies of block-level data, while keeping the host systems available, ensuring maximum productivity.

Key Benefits
. Confidence that your mission-critical data will always be available
. Recovery Plus provides either continuous or scheduled replication of data to a centralized storage server appliance with offsite copy maintained at InSiteOne's data center.
. Faster return to business in the event of a data loss or disaster
. A centralized disaster recovery process dramatically reduces your downtime and boosts your productivity.
. Quicker, more efficient data storage and backup storage applications
. Management of block-level data protects even your most recent transactions and data changes.
. Recovery Plus reliably captures data needed to rebuild an application server in the event of a virus attack, application malfunction, or hard disk crash.
. The ability to "turn back the clock"
. InSiteOne's unique "Snapshot" technology ensures the transactional integrity of your databases and messaging stores for rapid time to recovery and minimal impact on server performance.

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