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An alternative to the capital equipment purchase and on-going maintenance of clinical technology systems are Application Services. These pay-as-you-go services give you the clinical functionality you need while minimizing up front costs, equipment obsolescence and on-going maintenance costs. Systems are managed and serviced by the Applications Service Provider behind the scenes. Your resulting cost of operation under this model is the lowest available option.

Your data is too important not to safe guard. If your disaster recovery plans include the use of a "Back-up" system you could be at risk for extended downtime in the event of a system crash. A recent survey of IT managers showed a misconception about archiving versus back-up. True archiving stores information at a file lever that can be searched and retrieved using key works or in this application a DICOM Query and Retrieve. Back-up systems store data in large blocks that can only be restored in mass, which could take days to restore.

Our Disaster Recovery Services create true secondary archive of your data, which allows you to quickly restore your primary system and retrieve historic individual patient data on-demand or over time.



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