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InSite One is the leading service provider of medical data archiving, storage, and disaster-recovery solutions to the healthcare industry. By helping clients protect their data assets today, InSite One helps them protect the health of both their patients and their institutions into the future. In just a decade, InSite One services have become the de facto standard for the diagnostic imaging industry, in use at hundreds of hospitals, radiology departments, imaging centers, and physician group practices around the country.

Because InDex® patented design is open architecture and based on industry enterprise archiving standards, its services integrate seamlessly with other applications, eliminating users’ concerns about obsolescence and future storage requirements. An innovative per-study pricing model, backed by financing from InSite One Financial Services, makes the company’s services affordable for healthcare facilities of virtually any size and modality without major capital expenditures.

Archiving & Storage Services:

InDex OnSite provides the most complete set of data management services required for long-term access to critical clinical exam data for the imaging enterprise. Developed in collaboration with clinical users, OEM partners and experts in information technology, no other solution can compare with the same level of assurance that managed data is always accessible and secure across clinical applications.
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InDex Basic is designed for clinical enterprises that require expansion of their long-term storage combined with a solution for rapid access to the data in case of on-site system downtime or in the event of disasters. As an adjunct to existing on-site storage, InDex Basic leverages this infrastructure by providing off-site expansion to a virtual warehouse with unlimited capacity.
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InDex Web
Whether you are working remotely, at your office or within your primary application, InDex Web is a reliable standards-based DICOM, HL7 and XDS (cross-enterprise document sharing) protocol workflow conduit.
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