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RamSoft provides the only fully featured workstation that has all of the features of a PACS on a stand-alone workstation. GatewayT Workstation prefetches from all your DICOM archives and automatically routes studies to your workstation across your private network or the Internet according to your rules.

Even at first glance, RamSoft's attention to human interface design is noticeable. Their screens are organized with minimal clutter ensuring that you can find your desired tool quickly. RapidKeys, a shortcut keypad that provides one button access to clinical tools, are available. When a study is selected from the worklist, it is displayed according to the user's hanging protocol, which determines the screen and image layout. Gateway Workstation then allows users to change protocols on the fly, by picking a protocol from a dropdown list. Gateway Diagnostic Workstation edition supports any number of monitors and high resolution displays.

The flexibility of PowerWorklist is unmatched. Color coded by status, PowerWorklist can be configured by user and role. A neuroradiologist can have a worklist that only selects unread head studies. A pediatric radiologist will get studies of patients under eighteen years of age. All other studies can appear on a general radiologist worklist. The worklists are initially configured, but can be further customized by each user as needed.

The Gateway Workstation's built-in document management, dictation, and transcription modules provide a tremendous value. Incorporating these standard modules allow Gateway Workstation to deliver a more universal solution to an imaging facility.