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GE CentricityT (formerly RadWorks) has one of the most comprehensive DICOM interfaces and can connect to virtually all DICOM compliant devices. The GE Centricity Platform, with over 11,000 licenses worldwide, can be used in a variety of situations such as review stations for referring physicians, on-call teleradiology stations or gateway and data acquisition stations.

GE CentricityT supports a wide range of DICOM services including Store, Query/Retrieve, and Modality Worklist combined with flexible auto routing capabilities. The functionality of the core Centricity workstation is complimented by a family of optional software modules including:

     • DICOM Print - Allows for printing to any DICOM compatible printer

     • Compression - For sending DICOM objects in many of today's most popular loss-less and loss compression formats

     • Quality Control (QC) - Provides powerful tools for editing and correcting practically any DICOM information associated with a patient or study

     • MPR/MIP - Multi Planar Reformatting (MPR) and Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) allowing for multi planar reconstruction and visualization of data from CT and MR modalities

     • Multi-Monitor / Mixed Monitor - Provides support for multi-monitor configuration as well as support for mix monitor (e.g. B&W and color) configuration

     • Single Media Archive - Support the burning of DICOM studies directly to CD or DVD. Includes a simple web based DICOM viewer for review of all images on the CD/DVD from any standard PC

     • Data Acquisition - When combined with video frame capture or film digitization hardware, provides flexible solutions for capturing image data from non-DICOM sources.