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Image management systems are the heartbeat that control data communications between the various components that comprise a RIS/PACS/Teleradiology system. The ability to capture, store, retrieve and deliver the appropriate and complete data sets to authorized users on-demand both inside the facility and to the outside referring community is an essential hallmark of a quality system.

Efficiently controlling data flow is the key to boosting productivity in a digital work environment. The latest generation systems employ web-server technology and creative streaming techniques to deliver images and data to client PC users whenever and wherever they can log-on.

LAMB Technologies' extensive knowledge of radiology imaging techniques and workflow enables us to provide clients with practical image management solutions that balance clinical functionality with affordability. We stay current with the state-of-the-art technology and become authorized by select OEM's to sell and service their products.

Whether you are just starting your digital migration or augmenting an existing system, LAMB Technologies has the image management systems and components you need at the best prices!

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