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Now that you are "digital" how are you going to deal with prior exam that are on film? Diagnostic quality film digitizers are the answer. Simply digitize old films and send them into the image management system.

The good news is that the DICOM standard allows you to select the make and model of the Film Digitizer that best meets your needs. LAMB Technologies' has the latest technology Film Digitizer mated with DICOM Workstation to create modular system that can be added to your existing PACS and serve as stand-alone workstations and teleradiography gateways.

LAMB Technologies has the knowledge and experience to help you select the appropriate Film Digitizing System that balances your clinical functionality requirements with affordability. We stay current with the state-of-the-art technology and become authorized by select OEM's to sell and service their products.

Whether you are just starting your digital migration or augmenting an existing system, LAMB Technologies has the name brand Film Digitizing Systems and accessories you need at the best prices!

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