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The Virtua Medical Disc Publisher is a complete network-based solution for recording and labeling diagnostic studies onto CD and DVD media. Virtua integrates dual CD/DVD drives, a high speed disc label printer, an easy-to-use touch screen, and a high performance computer into a compact design.

Virtua optimizes workflow and increases productivity by automatically creating IHE PDI compliant discs. Virtua uses Codonics high quality VirtualVistaT CD/DVD media that provides reliable storage for archiving and data distribution.

. On-demand disc creation and labeling directly from modality workstations
. Studies can be conveniently viewed using a web browser or the included DICOM viewer
. Automatic Mode records patient studies to disc without operator assistance
. Manual Mode creates customized discs via the easy-to-use touch screen interface or web browser
. Disc creation logs assist with HIPAA compliance
. Compact design occupies just two feet of counter space and eliminates the need for messy cables, monitor, keyboard or mouse