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Don't get caught behind the digital storage power curve. Multi-slice CT and other advanced digital imaging techniques are driving digital storage demand far beyond expectations of even a few years ago. Government regulations and HIPPA compliance has raised the bar even higher.

Whether you are just planning for PACS or already have a system in place you undoubtedly have a need for digital archiving now and in the future. DICOM Archiving is "PACS" platform independent. Therefore you can start building a HIPPA compliant archive that grows with you and works with whatever PACS you decide to implement.

LAMB Technologies offers the finest and most affordable archiving and disaster recovery systems and services available.

RamSoft MiniPACS
RamSoft PACS

Candelis ImageGrid
Merge Workstations
Vidar Film Digitizer

Archive Service
eRadiology Archive
Archive Revive