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ImageGrid 1000

ImageGrid 1000T is Candelis' flagship product that establishes a new paradigm in DICOM Server Appliance by providing a cost-effective and highly reliable system with up to 6TB raw capacity. ImageGrid 1000 provides an affordable optional expansion capability through four 8 TB units for a total of 38 TB raw capacity.

As a fully integrated DICOM appliance, ImageGrid 1000 efficiently archives digital images and provides fast access and routing of images to workstations within or outside the center or clinic. A robust routing engine handles the fast and automated rule-based routing of images. The system's embedded PACS capability replaces complex servers and software thereby eliminating the need for specialized system administration skills and training. The appliance-based foundation also allows for easy installation with typical installation taking hours rather than days as is the case with more complex solutions. The installation occurs automatically into the network using DHCP and provides transparent interoperation with DICOM-compliant systems, modalities and viewing software.

ImageGrid 1000 offers built-in serviceability and redundancy with hot-swap RAID-based disk drives, power supplies, fans and optional uninterrupted power supply.

ImageGrid 1000 is ideal for stand-alone imaging centers as well as small hospitals requiring an affordable, reliable and easy way to manage archiving and routing capability. ImageGrid 1000 is available in five configurations ranging from 1 TB to 6 TB in raw capacity.